Monday, 13 May 2013

In the flesh - 1

This latest book was loaned to me by my friend with an invite to meet with the author at a local lecture hall where he is going to give a talk on his novels, so it was a speed read in order to finish it on time.

The book is a one of a series of detective novels but not the first in the series. Many scenes are set in and around the Fylde coast where we live, hence the interest. Nick brought all his characters to life with the minimum of detail but the maximum of crime, violence, sex and intrigue. It was an easy read but I feel I should have started at book 1 in the series so I could identify more with the main characters. It was also an easy read because my friend could only find this book in large print in the library! I shall definitely read more.


  1. I shall recommend this to my brother who lives on the Fylde.

  2. I enjoy reading books which are set in places I know, it adds a bit of interest to the story. Hope you enjoy the talk.

  3. It all goes on in those sand dunes (or so I've heard).


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