Sunday, 26 May 2013

In the style of ...

She opened her front door, pink polka dot trolley ready to roll, tucking the key safely into her zipped pocket.

"Why hello - good to see you, Jean. What brings you here?"

Jean bustled up the pathway carrying several bags and deposited one of them by Mum's feet. Wiping her head with a white, lacy hankie, she proceeded to carry on a conversation which the two of them had been having the previous day.

"I've finally found the answer to that clue in the crossword, Mum and I've brought you the books we were talking about. Now I don't want them back, you can pass them on if you will. The author is a local lass and the stories are set in Blackpool. I've enjoyed reading them and I'm sure you will, too. I can see you're off out so I won't stay."

"Jean, I'm just walking down the road to the shop so let's walk together. Just let me put the books in the porch."

Off they went, chatting nineteen to the dozen, until they parted, Jean heading towards the Tower and Mum to her voluntary job at the Charity Shop. The sun was shining this Bank Holiday weekend and there were plenty of people out and about sampling the delights of the resort.

Have you ever read stories in the People's Friend?

My morals were not corrupted in any way whatsoever!

This was a friendly, 'nostalgic saga set in wartime Blackpool'. Great stuff! I think I'll read another of my crime novels before I tackle the next book.



  1. My Grandma used to read the "People's Friend" and "Woman's Weekly" and I read all the stories! Not your normal teenage read!

  2. I grew up with them in the house. Usually a couple of months out of date by the time they made it to Canada.

    The PF was always old ladyish but the recipes and knitting patterns were always interesting.

  3. Generous friends are good friends - good books often turn up in the guise of pass em on books. You are lucky on both counts:)

    I never get to finish reading People's Friends in GP's waiting rooms - my name is always called when I'm in the middle of an article lol

    Take care

  4. I've never read People's Friend. I enjoy books which are set in places I know, it adds a bit of interest to the story.


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