Saturday, 25 May 2013

It wasn't me

 I wondered what I'd done when I read this comment from Lynda on my last post.

Please Please dont do that. We have so many fab authors. I think you've just hit two bad ones. Try Tim Winton, Di Morrisey, Bryce Courtney, etc. Go on to the following site. Ive read most of these, in particular all of Tim Winton. I think i might even have a few on the shelf, so if you pop over to my blog and leave your address, i will send you some for free.

Lynda, the first review of the book wasn't mine. I really enjoyed the story and I would read more of the same author. It's very kind of you to offer me some of your books. Please email me - my email is on my profile page.

Lynda's was not the first offer of free books this week. I'd been discussing books, with the action set in Blackpool, with a dancing friend who told me about another author (a Sandgrown 'un*) who also set her stories in Blackpool. She then turned up on my doorstep yesterday with a carrier bag full of novels, which I promised to read and then pass on so today was read, read, read in between gardening, cooking and shopping.

Pusscats helped with the weeding and inspected the mange-tout.

The Lidl lettuce is coming along nicely.

This second trough was planted a week later.

I can see some of these turning into big lettuces.

It was all too much work for this puss!


* born in Blackpool


  1. Your lettuce and mangetout are doing a lot better than mine.My brother lives in Poulton and I live in North Wales and your weather is sooooo much better,always,than ours!

  2. I sometimes think you cant win..... I love your posts, I dont comment on your book choices, as they are yours, as is your blog.x

  3. It's all too much for Puss. I enjoyed your post about walking your cats. I used to have a cat who was a house cat at our old house. We lived on a busy road so thought it was best. He didn't suffer for being a house cat, he enjoyed being pampered. When we moved to this house we allowed him out, but he didn't go far. One day, he didn't return home. We posted notes through doors, contacted vets, anyone who might have been informed of a missing cat. We put posters up in shop windows. It was over three weeks later that he wandered home, skin and bone. The pads on his paws told us that he hadn't been wandering, he must have been locked in somewhere. It broke my heart, but we nursed him back to health. I can fully understand why people keep their cats as indoor cats, they don't suffer for it, I know that as my Jake was an indoor cat before we moved here. My mum passes her books on to people at her bowling club where they're only too pleased to have new reading material.

  4. Your lettuces are doing far better than mine mum. Poor old puss, he looks worn out!

  5. Aw love the last photo of puss. Your garden looks great

  6. Hello Mum (gosh, that feels strange typing that!) I've popped across from Pam's blog, I live within rocket firing distance, and we keep missing meeting in actualité in Sainsburys at the cooking bacon section! I'm an exiled Scouser, with in-law (via my sister) connections to Blackpool/Lytham-st-Annes, so interested in local views etc.

    I'm also always looking out for a new author that I can 'get comfy' with. I do like detective fiction, and really enjoy Elly Griffiths as she writes beautifully about a mythical-but-real Police Division in Kings Lynn! (Near to where I live) Am delighted to discover Nick Oldham (real name??) and I will be Kindling a couple of his if they are available there.

    And on the lettuce front, I have sorrel and rocket coming up in MY trough, my Other Half WILL sow all the lettuce seeds at once! Grrrrrrr!

    Anyway, nice to check out your blog, will be coming back to visit again. Hope your weather is good, we have sunshine but a cool wind. Sigh.Lucky Pam in wonderful Wales.

  7. Your lettuce look fabulous...I've a certain groundhog here who'd love them for a meal.
    Jane x


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