Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Let's start at the very beginning

This is the first of a series of police crime books. Like the other two in the series that I have read, this book is full of action.

Again, it was an easy read with many twists and turns to the story but my enjoyment was spoiled by the many typos in the text. I typed, 'Why are there typos in Kindle books?' into Google and found that it is a common fault in this format. It's a shame that the publishers can't have proof readers to read through the books before they are sold online to customers.

I seem to be reading more than crocheting at the moment.



  1. That would be a great job wouldnt it Mum? Being paid to sort of job!

  2. We could do it for them - for a nominal fee!!

  3. They should hire you as a proof reader Mum!

  4. I looked for the books in our local library - similar situation to the one you read earlier in the month yes they carry them - but only in large print!
    He must be popular because none were available - I'll have to put them on hold lol

  5. I hate it when I find typos in books too, its nearly as bad as finding modern conversational language used in books that are set in historical periods! x


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