Thursday, 23 May 2013

One star or five?

Here is one person's review of the book.

This is the second book i have read which is based in Australia and i have to say its my second least enjoyed book ever. Slow start and 100% crap ending - killed by a giant kangeroo!! Be serious! I think its time i gave aussie books a miss!!

Here is mine.

This is the only book I have read written by this author and I have to say that after a slow start I enjoyed  it immensely. The in depth story built up to a nail biting climax and was gripping right up to the last page. 


PS I felt really sorry for the giant kangaroo!
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  1. My sister lives in Australia, I should warn her about giant kangaroos!
    Jane x

  2. Ooh err! My son has just emigrated down under with his family......

  3. Forget the Roos, have you seen a huntsman spider!

  4. Lots of dangerous creatures down under! Beware................. :)

  5. Please Please dont do that. We have so many fab authors. I think you've just hit two bad ones. Try Tim Winton, Di Morrisey, Bryce Courtney, etc. Go on to the following site. Ive read most of these, in particular all of Tim Winton. I think i might even have a few on the shelf, so if you pop over to my blog and leave your address, i will send you some for free.

    1. OK, im a dill. I just saw the first comment and panicked. I love reading and im especially proud of our many great authors.

      You know Kangaroos really do kill people. Mostly when they are threatened but also sometimes by accident. They are very powerful. I come from the bush so grew up with them wild so have a different appreciation of them than city folk.


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