Thursday, 9 May 2013

Now why is it untidy?

I'm having a good clear out.

I've just been sewing, (crafting, crocheting, baking, gardening).

I'm too busy to put away.

It just shows that I'm making use of all these cupboards.

The cats have just been playing.

I've just been playing.

I've not hoovered up yet.

I've got too much stuff and not enough places for it to go.

Someone's not put things away.

I've not got enough time to clear up. Too busy playing.

Haven't the faintest idea.

I like it 'homely'.

E r r r m m ... !

Any other ideas?


  1. I need to vacuum upstairs...but the cats are asleep. I can't wake them, that would be unkind.
    Jane x

  2. If I was there, I'd have picked up after you today!

  3. It will all still be there another day Mum so enjoy yourself today and possibly you may feel like it another day (but my mum used to tell me tomorrow never comes!!)

  4. I know that feeling too

  5. Mess? What mess? You must be mistaken. Shabby chic embellishment is the newest trend.

    Failing that - well clearly, the cats did it! :)

  6. Yes, the homely, lived in look, nice and cosy :) xx

  7. It will all still be there another day so enjoy yourself and do whatever takes your fancy.


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