Thursday, 20 September 2012

Oh no!

They've finally done it - changed my blogger layout to the new one. I'd been hanging on to the old one as long as possible and now it's gone. Oh woe! I'm going to have to navigate my way round slowly as nothing is where it should be and I have to keep clicking Close to get back to where I want to be. At least it saves posts quickly. I'm sure I'll get used to it. Change happens. It must mean progress! Blogger has told me that it is ...

A clean, sleek interface designed for a streamlined blogging experience. Not only does the new interface load faster, but we’ve also added shortcuts to your most important blogging actions. (Haven't found them yet.)

 ... so it must be good.

We'll see - roll on the streamlined blogging experience!

Hi Op Shop Mama, thanks for helping at the Tea Party. It's a good excuse to seek out 'new' frocks for you and Iris. Hi, Iris, see you in October.

Busybusybeejay, have you decided on the sandwich fillings yet?


  1. I've been hanging on to the old one too. I suppose that means they'll be changing me over to the new one soon.

  2. I'm a hanger-oner too. I don't like change! I guess this ole dog will have to learn new tricks.

  3. I've just done a post and I've been changed over too. I don't like it. At first, I couldn't find a way of getting a photo on to the post, then I realised that I was using IE and it sometimes plays up, so I changed on to Chrome and the button was there. It doesn't take much to confuse me. One thing which I've noticed for a while on other blogs is the option to reply to each individual comment, but I don't have that on my blog, I don't know why.

  4. I wish I could sort mine out. I just cannot get it to publish my profile.

  5. Haven't been to your blog before but the layout looks good to me!


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