Saturday, 8 September 2012

An unusual hobby

Off out on our expedition, hoping to spot a really good example of a smiley stone to bring home.

Many were picked up and inspected.

Some were too heavy.

Some - not the real thing.

Others not inspirational enough so we ended up stoneless.

We did, however, spot other stone spotters' creations.

Ah ha! There's a smiley face at the bottom of this tower - pity it's too large to carry home. He seemed to be enjoying his job so we left him to it.

After stone spotting we did a bit of butterfly spotting.

These bushes are covered with tortoiseshell butterflies.

We did spot some more stones before we headed back. These led to a very special place.

It's a good job I collected a few flowers for Samboo.

(Click on the Sunderland Point label to read more about this area.)

And these stones ...

... led us to a little lane which ended up where our walk began.


  1. Ahh sounds like a lovely day to me!

  2. I love beachcombing. I'm usually on the lookout for sea glass. I'd love to see your collection of smiley stones.

    1. Jo, you've seen them already.


    2. I forgot all about them, though I do remember now you've jogged my memory.

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful day
    Julie xxxxxxx


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