Thursday, 6 September 2012

Number 6

I was given a huge bag of knitted rectangles for sorting this time and I decided to sew some together before crocheting.

A chequer board pattern emerged ...

... using 8 same rectangles interspersed with other colours.

I did the same joining as with blanket number 5.

I've still got a pile of rectangles left so I'm researching other ways of joining for the next blanket.

I should really be getting on with my own blanket but I like a challenge!
If anyone knows some different ways to join knitted squares together do share.

Welcome to new follower Thrift Bee. I can be your mum too!!


  1. Looks great mum, but then I dont expect anything less from you!

  2. It looks lovely. Knitting and crochet go well together, I love the way they're joined.


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