Sunday, 2 September 2012

A short walk

A short walk,

a short talk,

a little bit of sight seeing

a bit of observing

and a big discovery.

This wonderful camper/coach was kitted out spectacularly in beautiful wood. It was immaculate and the 2 gentlemen campers were enjoying the sunshine. I only dared to ask if I could photograph the outside. I should have dared some more and asked if I could go in.


  1. All those little bits add up to a wonderful day out.

  2. A wonderful day by the looks of things,that camper looks really fun.

  3. Just love that camper, yes you should have asked!

  4. That camper looks wonderful. I would have been curious to see what the inside was like too.
    Anne xx

  5. What a fantastic camper--I want one!!! The seaside walk looks great.

  6. OOh I do wish you had asked to go inside for a nosey!

  7. I like your blog :-) I love to hear what other retirees are doing. I'm a little land locked here in Kansas. A stroll on a beach somewhere would be nice!


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