Saturday, 1 September 2012

It was bluer than blue

After seeing my blue and green blanket my friend said she'd like to have a go at crocheting. 

A little lesson from me and a lot of study on Youtube saw her hooking away. Practice squares done, she began in earnest on her own bluey quilt and here is the result. Wow and wow again.

It measures about 5 feet square and is done in various shades of blue with 7 round squares. Her sewing together of squares is as neat as her handwriting!

This square went 'wrong'. Can you see the mistake?

She sewed it into the blanket though.

Started to learn to crochet in May and produced a blanket in August.

Didn't she do well!


  1. Excellent combination of colours...stands out!
    and why hasn't she got a blog?
    great blanket!

    Amanda :-)

  2. That's a great amount of work for someone who has just learned to crochet! Absolutely gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. That it beautiful - I must learn to crochet xx

  4. She did a great job and the nice thing about making something by hand is that the little imperfections dont matter it gives them a unique appearance.She will get a great sense of satisfaction when she snuggles under it and thinks I made this.

  5. Brilliant. I have got as far now as buying a magazine, crochet hook and wool.

  6. Brilliant. That's some going.

  7. You are one heck of a teacher, she has done wonderful work!

  8. Absolutely fantastic,well done both of you!

  9. That is a stunning blanket. What beautiful colours!

  10. Well done to her. I sent my first three squares to Foster Mummy for the Bloggy Blanket, but forgot to photograph them!! I only learned how to crochet squares by following your instructions earlier in the year. At the time I could not do more as I was in the middle of a hand stitch patchwork quilt, but my next project is more crochet - a baby blanket for my niece who is due in a couple of months, and really looking forward to it. Keep up the good work. x

  11. Oh my word!! She's really hooked!!!! (excuse the pun)What a great job. Beautiful blanket. I've been crocheting for longer but have produced nowhere near as good as that!!!!
    On your lovely revolvemap i arrived from Bantry cork. Actually i'm in Wicklow and your 'Love from Mum' signature has always caught my eye. I oft wondered if you were the bloggers Mum!! I'm following you now on the basis that your taste in crochet is class. :) Off for a look around now.


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