Thursday, 19 July 2012

In a mess

It's very messy up here with squares, and wool (and music and notes and teddies and wrapping paper and baskets and unfinished projects and knitting needles) all over the bed. No room for cats tonight.

There's only just room for me to squeeze in each evening. There's so much to do. Where to start? I think that's where I fell down - I've started too much.
Large granny blanket
Crocheting knitted squares together
Hexagonal granny jacket
The circular needles are for knitting a woolly bag (a crafty gift from a pupil 2 years ago. I've only just got round to buying the needles).
The list on my knee is a list of dances which I'm going to look up on Youtube so I know where to put my feet in the Tower Ballroom!

The side of the bed's not much better. Hospital appointments, squares (again! to be posted to FM), scissors, hooks etc. Can you see the squares on the shelves. My piles are growing!!!!!!

The shelves aren't anything to write home about either. They need a good straightening.

So does my candle!!!!

So much goes on up here it's just having a rest! I've not wilted yet though.

Welcome to my 2 new followers. I promise to tidy up - sometime.


  1. Just chill, and pick up what your fancy! I think it's lovely you have so many wonderful projects on the go!

    Sft x

  2. This reminds me of my dining room table! It's covered with bits of fabric, bits of washing to be put away,a crochet bag waiting to be lined, brown paper to cut into templates, just a mess. We eat out dinner on our laps! I need a workoom to play in.

  3. Hello
    I am your newest follower and I have blog hopped over from Granny taught me to Crochet's blog.
    This is just my first hello but from what I have seen I AM going to like this blog so I'm off back in to have bit more of a look see!!!
    I am a crochet addict by the way :-)

    Amanda :-)

  4. So sorry that you are suffering from piles!!

  5. gosh you have a lot going on at once. Mind you if you do tidy up, you will probably not be able to find anything!!!

    Gill in Canada

  6. Some messy bits in a home mean lots of creativity. Love the bent candle.
    Anne xx

  7. HAAA, too funny. Thankfully I can't set my sewing machine up in the bed or mine would look just like yours!!

  8. Ha, ha, you're like me - I really need to tidy up my craft room, but somehow haven't got round to doing it. Its one of those jobs that I keep putting off. I also end up starting knitting projects and then leave them to start something new...I must change my ways!

  9. I love your "messy" areas - looks full of exciting projects that are just waiting for you to delve into :]]

  10. It's good to have lots of things on the go, very creative.

  11. oh! Mum for a minute I thought I was looking at my place

    Amanda xx


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