Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bloggy Blanket update

Check the Bloggy Blanket Chain page for an update on the Bloggy Blanket. It's on its way again.


  1. I just noticed you can KNIT squares, so I am off to dig out my stash. Does one need a particular needle size or is the size of the square itself enough?

    1. The squares for either blanket are 12cm x 12cm. If you want to be next in the chain please contact Arwedd. Any other squares can be sent to Fostermummy for the Friends' bloggy blanket and she will sew them together.

  2. This is great news after all the hard work!

    Any pics to come?

    Sft x

  3. Hello Mum,This is a great idea...and I'd like to join in but as I understand it if I join I have to make a square or squares and add to the blanket which is being circulating through blogland....but I'm in Spain so is this only for the UK or for the world too? If for the world then my next question as that blanket grows won't it work out rather expensive to send to the other participants?



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