Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Thought I'd do a blog hop today and visit a few new blogs and decided to hop on to the first blog on each blog list ten times, starting with the first blog on my list.
So I visited
Edith Florence who was talking about flitting - I might call my journey a blog flit rather than a blog hop.
I then arrived at Millicent James who had just started a new blog called Dandelion Days. Check out her crocheted rug - really lovely.
Moving on I visited Court and Spark. This blog documents many crafting activities. I think I'm on a crafting journey now.
Next stop was Hen's Teeth. I recall visiting this blog before. I really enjoyed reading about her visit to Bryan's Ground.
Onward to Pantry Violets which is a shared blog. Here is the blog description.

"Pantry Violets" are women who met by chance in the Dordogne in France. We came from many different places and walks of life with as many different experiences - each of us knowing that for some reason we needed to be there. Through the course of 6 days, we swam in a salt water pool, ate magnificent food prepared by our hosts, strolled the beautiful grounds, stitched as it drizzled and danced in the sun, rummaged through brocantes, shared stories and ideas, secrets and dreams. We found friendship, inspiration, laughter, tears, simplicity, peace and a strong common bond. We embraced the creative spirit we found in one another and allowed our own to soar. It came to be much more than a workshop. We found new "life long" friends and true, kindred spirits.

We have created this blog to challenge and inspire one another and to continue to look at life and creativity in a whole new way, from a different perspective. We will continue to share our thoughts and feelings and bring our affection for each other to this venue.

Wow, what a really inspirational blog.

From this blog I flitted to the first contributer who had a blog list and I arrived at Evangeline Beulah in New Zealand who has recycled some of her collection of corks into a really cool sign.

Top of her blog list was Tiny Happy. I've been here before. Look at these spectacular pics of her garden from her site.

Alas my trail stopped here as I could not find a blog list on her site. No bother I'll have another flit another day.


  1. I often do that whilst eating breakfast on a Sunday. I do set the egg timer though otherwise I will spend the whole day doing it!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks! I love finding new blogs!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. I like finding blogs through looking at other blogs. Trouble is keeping up with them all, so even if I find a new one that I like I'm all chuffed but do an inward groan at the same time!

  4. Its a great idea mum, I just find I am a bit short of time for blog hopping these days.I have all on keeping up with the blogs I normally follow. Thank you for the lovely blog award! I may get around to doing it one of these days!


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