Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Royal visit in July

One Nativity figure made each month and this month it's the turn of Balthazar. Balthazar in the song 'We Three Kings' carried myrrh. My Balthazar carries an awful lot of myrrh in a very ornate package.

It started out as an earring. Teddy is modeling this beautifully for me.

As I couldn't get the beads off easily I just bent it around and around until I could easily attach it to my figure. His beard is rather full aswell as it was crocheted in very curly wurly wool 

He joins the other King, Melchior. Gaspar took off on his travels with the Bloggy Blanket Chain so I'll have to do a Gaspar 2 one month.

Please click on the Nativity label to see more figures and to find a link to the pattern for this set.


  1. Hello there, a lurker here just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog and love the little nativity figures, regards Lynne


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