Sunday, 22 July 2012

New volunteers

Hi Amanda and MummyHen. I thought I'd answer your queries here in a post. Firstly the Bloggy Blanket Chain - this will require people to post a growing blanket on to other bloggers so only volunteer if you are prepared to do this. I envisage a smallish lap blanket, hopefully, at the end which can be donated to a suitable recipient. I'll put both your names on the Chain Blanket page and if Arwedd is prepared to send it to Amanda then Amanda can add to it and send it on to Mummyhen. I'll leave you to get in touch with each other.

Now to the Friends' Bloggy Blanket. This is not as complicated. Any squares you make you send to Fostermummy who will sew them all together to make a blanket. Again this or these blankets can be donated to a worthy cause. Squares should be 12cm x 12cm and either crocheted or knitted.

Again, look at each page for details.

Happy hooking and clicking.

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  1. many thanks Mum for this info Arwedd has already contacted me and she is going to send me her part of the blanket.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)


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