Saturday, 7 July 2012


The dough for the bread is made in the morning and left to rise until the afternoon. In the afternoon it has its second rise and is then baked. Another of my morning jobs is to pick these.

I can easily pick 3 or 4 tubs of mange-tout each day at the moment. Up until now we've eaten them raw, as a side veg or I've put them in the freezer.

Time for some alternatives. I googled mange-tout soup and then concocted my own simple version. Dead easy.

3 take away tubs of mange-tout (about 500 - 600g)
5 small or 2 medium potatoes, diced (I used 5 new potatoes.)
1 litre of stock (I used a chicken stock cube.)
salt and pepper to taste (I only used black pepper.)
1 onion finely chopped.

Bung it all in a saucepan bring to the boil and simmer for about 20 minutes or until all the veg have cooked through. Whizz with a whizzer and it's done. The soup can be served hot or cold. There are many variations of this soup out there. This version tasted delish. The 2 resulting take away tubs of soup will now be put in the freezer.

My next alternative way of using the pods was in a stir fry. DH was having steak so I pinched a little bit, thinly sliced it and stir fried the strips for a few minutes. The meat was then put to one side and I stir fried mange-tout and broccoli. (We're ploughing our way through all these plants aswell - all the heads have arrived at once.)

Also in the mix was garlic and chilli. (Mine was dried chilli.)

Once everything was cooked through and the meat put back in the mix, I added this sachet which I purchased today from B&M Bargains for 29p. Noodles were quickly boiled up and added.


This portion will be eaten tomorrow.

DD and I ate our own take away while DH had steak, and boiled broccoli and mange-tout with mushrooms.

During the afternoon as well as preparing veg, trotting down the road to the shop and cooking the tea I also baked the bread. I duly set my phone alarm to beep to remind me to take the bread out. I need the alarm to remind me of the time especially when I'm doing a few jobs at the same time. It beeped at the required time and I carried on with my creative cookery in the kitchen very pleased that I was so organised. What? You want to see a picture of the bread? No, sorry, no can do. I'm afraid the alarm went off and I gaily turned it off and carried on stir frying, forgetting totally to take the bread out of the oven. Today's bread has a very crisp crust! Ah well, win some, lose some.

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  1. Looks like you have been very busy.The meal with the noodles looks delicious.

  2. Homemade bread and homemade soup...perfect!
    Jane x

  3. I enjoy finding ways to use up home grown goodies, it's so satisfying knowing you have produced the food yourself.I'll be giving your soup recipe a try :)

  4. Oh dear, I bet the bread was still better than anything you could buy in the supermarket though. My mange tout have been dreadful this year, the slugs have just about devoured the lot. So different to last year when I was freezing lots for winter use.

  5. You've had a busy day, mrs! Hope you're sitting down with a cup of tea or a glass of wine now!

  6. It all looks sooo goood! I got a load of those stir fry sauces from Approved Foods ..very cheap .. yet to try them but they should spice up our stir frys quite nicely.

    Vicky x

  7. Love it all, I bet the bread was still great with enough butter!!

  8. You sounded so well organised! All looks lovely, shame about the bread.

  9. Lots of good ideas for your produce.

    Have a great weekend.

    Sft x


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