Saturday 14 July 2012


Remember the Bloggy Blankets? Here's an update. Fostermummy has been busy sewing squares together (May we have a pic of work in progress FM?) and thanks to all who have contributed squares so far. More squares are needed so if you have any scrap DK wool that you can crochet or knit into a 12cm x 12cm square to send to FM we would be extremely pleased. For full details of the Bloggy Friends' Blanket click on the Bloggy Friends' Bloggy Blanket page.

These squares from my current blanket will soon be on their way to FM.

The Bloggy Blanket Chain never really got off the ground. (Mrs. T. I think you sent that first square to FM) so I'll start another one if anyone is interested. For this blanket I'll send one square to one blogger who will add (sew) one or more squares to it and then send it off to another blogger. Each blogger will add one or more squares until a full blanket is completed. The end volunteer is then free to donate the Bloggy Blanket to a worthy recipient. For full details please see the Bloggy Blanket Chain page.

Here's the square that will start off this blanket.

Who would like to receive it? I think I'll also send a small giveaway pressie with this first square just to help it along. Please leave a comment here or on the Bloggy Blanket Chain page. Let's hope this one has a terrific journey around the Blogosphere and we can follow its progress.


  1. Thanks, GTMTC - I've left a comment on your blog. Please get back to me and let me know if you want the first square of the Bloggy Blanket Chain.

  2. ME too but not quite sure how this works do I just crochet a couple of squares and send to you or another blogger???

    Amanda :-)


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