Monday, 19 September 2011

Short Walk

Only a short walk today seeing as it's pouring down - from the car park into the pub. This hostelry is quite often cut off by the tides.

Food and friends today.

Turn round and you'll see the river.

Look closely and you'll see the gulls.

Look closely round the back of the pub and you'll see the swallows.

Ahh! Their mum kept swooping in and out to feed these little ones.

More people have joined out Tea Party. Would you like to come? See you there.


  1. That's a proper pub, isn't it? Beams and horse brasses always remind me of the places I used to sneak into when I was a teenager. x

  2. Goodness me! I bet it looks glorious on a sunny day though. Do they serve nice hot dinners there? I love Pub Grub!

  3. The weather looks so cold and bleak but I'm sure it was refreshing.
    Anne xx

  4. Best place to be on a horrible day!
    It looks very cosy in there.

  5. That's the best kind of walk on a rainy day.


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