Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I'll do that another time

What's that? 

The mending!

My comfy cushion pile has seen better days. 

I've found cushions within cushions, torn covers, insides that weren't 'all right after they'd been washed' and a jacket that needed to be revamped as a cover. (Rhonda will be proud of me.) I also needed to type up some tray bake recipes found in magazines. (Hmm, might bake one for the Tea Party.)

There were also various bits of paper to sort out - receipts and lottery ticket - no I didn't win! Look at all this recycling - paper pile destined for the compost and Tusal pile destined for the rag bag at the Charity Shop. (Rhonda will be pleased.)

Can you see the quilt that needs mending?
I keep putting my foot through it.

Here's a cover made from a cardigan.

Hey ho, hey ho, it's off to mend I go! 

I seem to have stopped now to type up this blog and the weather looks good enough for a walk. Mending? I'll do the that another time.


  1. We've got heavy rain here at the moment. Sometimes its easier to put things off till another day. Love the quilt.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Hope you enjoyed your walk!

    Today has been very windy and wet here, so I'm hoping I can go for a little meander tomorrow.

  3. Love your sewing bits and pieces! Diane (Azza's sister)


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