Sunday, 25 September 2011

Kitchen window - September 2011

Can you see the conkers? It isn't a brilliant
view from the window but it is looking
inside the other way.

Hydrangea found abandoned in the street - I
gave it a good home.

Bunch of flowers reduced to £1 and
wilting rescued with water!


  1. Your £1 flowers are beautiful, shows what a good drink can do for wilting flowers, what a bargain. Well done on rescuing the hydrangea, so pretty.

  2. What a beautiful kitchen window!

    I got 2 bunches of carnations for 20p each a few weeks ago but they just wilted :(


  3. I bought some reduced to £1.50 crysanths in Tesco today. I need something nice to make it worth having to walk round there!

  4. beautiful,hydrangers are one of my favourites.

  5. Such a pretty window. I bet washing up's a real pleasure. x

  6. Oh I wouldn't mind which side of your kitchen window I was standing, it looks just lovely.....

    So glad you gave that abandoned Hydrangea a home, it's pastel perfection I think and the reduced flowers look fresh as, well fresh as a Daisy after a good drink.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend, it's blue skies and sunshine in this part of Oz this morning.

    Claire :}


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