Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mum's Virtual Vintage Tea Party

Ooh - I do like playing. (Purely for medicinal and fitness purposes of course. This will be another mental workout in the home gym.)

Who is invited?

Anyone who wants to be invited. At the moment we have  Missy and Anne.

When shall we have it?

What about the beginning of November. That will give plenty of time for preparation of posts, won't it. If you would like to come please leave a comment and I'll post a guest list up at the beginning of November so that you can join the party.

What do I have to do?

Anything or nothing at all. Let's start a list.

 - Make dainty sandwiches and put on your blog.
 - Make scones and show your recipe.
 - Make a cake. (Missy would like a Victoria Sponge but I think any kind of cake or dainty pastry would add variety, don't you think? Show your recipe on your blog.)

 - Pick a favourite table cloth and show on your blog.
 - Pick out favourite napkins or serviettes. Maybe napkin holders as well.
 - Pick your favourite china to put on the table.
 - Add interest to the table with a table setting or place holders - flowers (real or artificial). What about knitted or crocheted flowers?
 - What about a jug for the milk and a bowl for the sugar?
 - How shall we decorate the room?
 - What about etiquette?
 - Perhaps you could invite a friend to join us.
 - Oh, and we'll have to dress up too, I think.
What else do you think we could do for the tea party? (I've got a tea-cosy already.)

Shall we have a good time?

This depends on you really. I shall have a lovely time looking at your simply delightful blogs on the 1st November, imagining tasting all the treats, collecting all your recipes, having a go at making your table settings and looking at all your decorations.

Does anyone else want to come and play?


  1. I'll play! I'm a rubbish cook but I might be able to knock up a Victoria Sponge cake!
    I'm all excited now about giving some china an airing!
    I'm in

  2. Hi, me to! i love "doing" my table and have the perfect excuse now, its usually just birthdays and Christmas! am going to do an Autumn theme with homemade soup and lovely seasonal flowers,cant wait, lovely idea xxx

  3. Great idea, I don't often have an excuse to use all my lovely vintage tablewear, I'll look forward to it. Linda xxx

  4. This sounds like fun. On my list so far is a beautiful spongecake with cream and strawberries, my grandmother's white tablecloth beautifully done in crosstich. I'll be adding to the list for sure.
    Off to mark my calender.
    Anne xx

  5. Hello Mum, I would love to join - I could make my favourite chocolate cake mmmmmmmmmmmm any excuse! Now, where's my table cloth! xxx


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.