Friday, 16 September 2011

Collections - China

I figure I've done enough de-cluttering for a bit. Let's bring something 'new' into the house. This pretty saucer was 10p from the junk shop.

I'm making up 'trios' ready. Once I have enough of them we'll have a tea party.

Hello and welcome to new followers. We'll soon have enough people for a tea-party.


  1. I'll come! Baggsy the trio in the bottom photo. I love purple flowers. Very pretty indeed. I feel a charity shop/ boot sale foray coming on. It's been a good few days!
    PS Can we have Victoria Sponge cake please!

  2. Pretty china, the perfect thing for a tea party! A cup of tea seems to taste so much better in a pretty cup.
    Have a fabulous weekend,
    Anne xx

  3. I hope you find the cup and tea plate to go with your new saucer. Very pretty. I shall keep my eyes open for you in our local charity shops.

  4. I hope I'm invited too!

    I'll even bring the scones!

  5. Of course you can come, Anne. We'll have an online tea party. What do you think?


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