Friday, 2 September 2011

Round the Mere

I have to walk through the park to get to the Mere. These are the Italian gardens. Unfortunately someone stole the statues from each of the 4 bases that surround the fountains. I think they must have needed the lead more than the people who admire the statues. This is not the first time they have been stolen.

Here is the view when I turned round. 

I regularly walk around this lake.

I also regularly walk around the Mere,

looking at Nature all around. If anyone can identify these plants I'll label them.

No. 1 Yarrow?
No. 2
No. 3 Hips?
Wild Asters

Some things on a walk are not so pleasing to the eye. This life belt station has been put here for public safety.

Unfortunately someone thought they'd have a play with the life belt. 

Leave it where it is when you've finished with it. 

The same applies here...

These were not the only pieces of litter. There were cans, crisp packets, cigarette packets and plastic bags.

... and here where someone has fed the ducks with left over bread and then chucked the wrapper on the ground.

More fauna

These geese were flying over the mere possibly going to land on the water.

Dotted around the mere are various hides for twitchers. This little fellow has beautiful markings.

Finally back home through the park.


  1. Lovely pictures, the view when you look back is gorgeous. Isn't it nice to have a couple of sunny days? Everything looks better when the sun is out. Apart from litter of course!

  2. Fab pictures - what a shame people feel the need to leave their rubbish about, that really annoys me when i'm out and about. Scarlett x

  3. You have a lovely area to walk in. A shame about the rubbish though.
    Anne xx


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