Thursday, 29 September 2011

Back for more ...

... lunch at our current, favourite pub.

This time the tide came in over the road and cut us off from the rest of the world.

Nothing for it but to have lunch and a drink...

or two!

Still couldn't leave the car park so we had a siesta in the car.

The chap in this lorry was also having a siesta and didn't realise the tide was coming in.

When he woke up he skedaddled in a hurry.

We also called in at our favourite walking place. The tide was going out to so we could cross over the causeway. 

We had to stop here to rescue a stranded creature.

Good deed for the day done and off to have our walk and pay our respects and give some flowers to Sambo.


  1. Being forced to stay in the pub? Now that's an excuse I'd like one day!

  2. Marooned in the pub? Way to go! x

  3. What a great excuse! And great pictures.

  4. aawww what a lovely day out. Sorry for asking but who is Sambo? Have a lovely weekend, dee xx


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