Friday, 30 September 2011

Just an ordinary day on the chopping block in the kitchen

There's a lot going on here. Firstly the remains of the homemade soup cooling down ready to be put in the fridge. I will add to it each day until it is all eaten. It started out as tomato soup (most of which was eaten), then courgette surprise leftovers were added to it along with a tin of tomatoes and a stock cube. It was whizzed and most of it was eaten. The picture shows what was left. I shall add leftover veg from the roast today to it ready to be whizzed tomorrow for lunch.

The Ildi tomatoes were picked because DH is mending and painting some windows in the greenhouse and wanted a bit of room so I trimmed a few plants. The cucumbers keep coming. My drink today is not just lemon and hot water - I've included a wedge of lime aswell. (It was left over from a tray bake which was for the Virtual Teaparty.)

Here are some real kitties.

PS Delia, click on this link to find Sambo's story.


  1. I'm getting into this homemade soup malarkey too Mum .... so easy and tasty and don't know why I've never bothered before! Cosy kitties x

  2. Thank you for the link. Looks like an interesting place

  3. There's obviously nothing wasted in your house, I bet your soup tastes delicious. The kitties look so cute curled up together like that, I bet they hate this hot weather, I know Archie does.


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