Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Keep fit, take exercise

I looked on the Net and found out that '... there are four basic elements of physical fitness: 

1. cardiovascular endurance
2. muscular strength
3. muscular endurance
4.  flexibility. 

Each can be measurably improved with regular exercise. To be truly fit, you should develop all four elements, not just one or two.'

Who needs a gym? (I made a list of activities that give me a good workout. I'm sure there are more.)

Sweeping floors or paths - 1, 2
Mopping floor - on hands and knees - 1, 4
Polishing brass - 1 (benefits depend on how hard you polish) 
Kneading bread - 2, 3
Climbing stairs - 1
Hanging out clothes - 4
Ironing clothes - meditation - 3
Folding clothes - meditation - 4
Wiping worksurfaces and sinks - 1
Hoovering - 1, 2, 3.
Dusting - 4
Tidying cupboards - 4
Walking to the shops - 1
Making beds - 1,
Weeding - 4
Hoeing - 1
Digging - 1, 2, 3.
Shoveling manure - 1, 2,  3.

I found some simple ways to practice mental fitness as well. Again I looked on the Net which recommended the following. I've noted what I do in brackets.

Daydream - (Won't it be wonderful when I finish this blanket, tea cozy, shawl, other blanket, Christmas prezzy bags .....)
Collect positive emotional moments - (Last one was - DH "Just say where you want to go for a walk and I'll take you." Ahh!! It rained of course so we didn't go!)
Learn ways to cope with negative thoughts - (Never mind we'll have a day in instead.)
Do one thing at a time - (Now that I've retired this one is dead easy. I can always do 'whatever' 'tomorrow.)
Exercise - (See above.)
Enjoy hobbies - (See blog.)
Set personal goals - (Enjoy life each day.)
Keep a journal - (See blog.)
Share humour - (Have you had a chuckle yet?)
Volunteer - (Charity Shop here I come.)
Treat yourself well - I'm sitting here in my hideaway having eaten a good meal. I'm nice and warm, have my family around and cats snuggling. My knitting, crochet and novel are within arm's distance and there's a bottle of wine and a good programme to watch on the tele when I go downstairs. Friends came round last night to make music and I'm going out with one friend tomorrow and another friend the day after. 

I make even have a walk with DH before the week ends. (Maybe, if it doesn't rain.)

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