Wednesday, 21 September 2011

It's "Winds-day" ...

... and a Blustery Day. A sunny but extremely windy day for a walk. It blew me there and I battled back.

I measure my walks in time - an hour out and an hour back. This time it could have been three quarters of an hour out and one and a quarter hours back.

There was a little bit of shifting sand going on down on the beach it was so blustery.

It certainly blew the cobwebs away.
Happy Winds-day.
Now I really must finish the mending.


  1. Looks like an invigorating walk! Hope you wrapped up in warm.

    Sft x

  2. I love walking on a wintry beach we have lots of seaweed getting washed up and the occasional sea urchin or starfish, poor things.

    Love, Sue

  3. Nice pictures! =)

  4. There's nothing like a walk by the sea in blustery conditions to blow the cobwebs away.

  5. I'm sure that sea air smelt wonderful.
    Anne xx


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