Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Whilst watching organiser videos I have seen that many people have long term goals. They break them down into smaller chunks and then break them down again into tiny steps that can be achieved. I'd been having difficulty in trying to formulate a long term goal but then I suddenly had a brainwave which made made me smile. It's sorted out all my goals in one fell swoop and re-assured me as to my long or short term future. This goal is only a musing.

This is how my thinking went.

Me: " What is your ultimate long term goal?"

Me: (thinking)

Me: (thinking some more)

Me: (in deep philosophical mode) "My ultimate long term goal is to stay alive."

Me: (expanding) "I'm achieving that now so I have reached my goal and every day that I'm alive I'm still achieving this goal.

Now is the moment.

What a very good reason to celebrate."



PS Welcome, welcome to my new follower.


  1. I like your goal, then I'll adopt it.

  2. Yes, you could even dance around to tbe Bee Gee's "Stayin' Alive", could you not? As you get older, or indeed as I get older, my long term goal is about 24 hours long ... i.e. to wake up in the morning! All this whimsical stuff about goals and bucket lists are, to me, a total waste of time. We fret to much about such things. Just enjoy being alive. I do.
    Margaret P

  3. Who wants to waste time writing bucket lists, mine has one goal on it, exactly the same as yours. With the addendum to not only live but to enjoy the process. So Far So Good.

  4. We can all celebrate together, goals for simple things are good.

  5. A lovely goal and one we all hope you will continue to meet.

    God bless.

  6. Well, it sounds a bit fancy to say so but surely the journey is just as important as the destination anyway. Life is for living now.


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