Thursday, 12 May 2016

From my seat

Looking down - DH has been planting seeds yet again and yes there's a shoot.

A cutting which grew into this clematis was liberated from a large expanse of white, fragrant, billowing mass of flowers growing along a wall around a car park. The air was overflowing with a beautiful scent.

As I sit here I am surrounded by a sweet fragrance.

One flower does not smell so much but many out together fill the air with a subtle scent.

In front of me is my 'deckchair stripe' cot blanket which is nearly finished. I've just got to do a simple border and back it with some fleece.

To my left is the sun room window with DH's plants basking in the sun.

And ahead of me is the veggie garden still low to the ground but with emerging and tempting food growing in the sunshine.

I've done a full circuit now and am back to where I started. Now shall I get out the patio umbrella?

Or shall I set the table prettily?

Nah, I'll just stay where I am enjoying the warm weather. Someone's got to make sure the garden's growing. I'll keep looking up from my crocheting.



  1. Thats what I do from the shedudio - just checking!

  2. A lovely calming post!
    Such a pretty plant, I love the color.
    I have two, a small fuisha, and a larger purple, neither has the scent you described. I adore that table!
    What a pleasant place you have there to crochet!

  3. Enjoy your day. I do wish we could get some nice weather, however we did get a few flakes of snow this morning.

    God bless.


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