Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Car Booty

One roll of sticky address labels - (must de-clutter some more and list things on Ebay), one brand new notebook - (stationery is my new hobby), two Peter James' books - (I like this author's writings) and two stamps - (one labeled Home Sweet Home and one a Christmas words stamp). Oh, and one long 'doss about' stretchy dress.

£7 altogether - not bad and plenty of exercise walking round the CB.

The Monday CB yielded this little lot of card cutters.

I paid £11 and this included 3 embossing plates plus a Craft with Helix Craft Room which was only part there. I'm not concerned as this product does not have good reviews. Another walk in the sunshine and fun looking up my finds on the Internet. I've added to the clutter so now I'm hunting twice the number of items to clear out, donate, recycle or give away. One in, two out.



  1. Oh lucky you with those punches - a good find and well worth buying

  2. Great bargains, love the punches.

  3. You can't beat a good (and useful) Car Boot haul.


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