Thursday, 5 May 2016

It's in the bag

The pegs are in a bag. When I'm pegging out I simply sling the bag over my arm and pick up the pegs from by my side.

When I've finished pegging out I peg the peg bag up on the line.

The loaves are in the new bags from I-kee-ya. The cords are colour coded so I've got my wholemeal in one and DH's white in another.

Both bags go --- in the bag.

And the recycling goes in the basket. I am enjoying carrying these around. (Sad, sad!)



  1. Many things the same as mine I spy! The le Creuset casseroles, the utensils in hooks like mine! Bread bags like mine! You have excellent taste lady! X

  2. I think I may just steal your idea and use one of the bags I made for my clothes pins. I hate bending over to grab them from the pail on the ground.

    God bless.

  3. You can never have enough bags/baskets in my opinion. X

  4. What a lovely shade of green those baskets are x

  5. Do you wrap the bread before putting it in "the bag"? Just wondered if it stayed fresh.

    1. I've only just used the individual bags for each loaf. Prior to that I wrapped the loaves in a plastic bag - supermarket bag or fruit bag and then hung them up in a large cotton bag. I think the bread will go a bit stale if it's just kept in the cotton bag. My practice loaf in the picture was 2 days old before I put it in the cotton bag by itself so it was a little bit hard to start with. I'll keep you posted.


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