Monday, 9 May 2016

From my feet

I'm stood in the conservatory admiring this cactus. It's not an Easter one, nor a Christmas one but it has decided to flower now with gorgeous red blooms.

On the couch is some reading material which  is a CS find. They may be going back to the CS as they are heavy and take up too much room. I'll flick through them first though.

It's been sunny this week and this is my hat of choice for this year.

My mag collection is from the car boot sale.

The orchids need regular dunking.

This crown of thorns has flowers of a slightly darker red than the cactus.

On the table is my allium seed head. I have 3 of these scattered about the house. There are still some seeds in there. Perhaps I should try growing some. That's DH's job. Mine is planting, collecting, cooking and eating (the veg plants not the conservatory plants!!)

This mother in law's tongue plant was a neglected specimen that had been taken to the CS. I rescued it and it is now trying to get out of the pot.

Our plants come from various sources - this one is from a car boot.

These grown from seed bought from Ebay.

This pregnant onion plant started out as one little bulb from Ebay.

And this cactus was being thrown out by a friend.

It points every which way.

I've been looking every which way in this relaxing room of plants.

Hope you enjoyed my tour.



  1. Quite a collection. I never thought of trying Ebay for plants.

  2. Love your plants. They are doing very well.

    God bless.

  3. You have a lovely selection of plants, I would love to have a conservatory x

  4. That is a lot of nice plants. I am rubbish with house plants, never kept one alive more than a few months. I really should try again...

  5. Loved the tour -and particularly the hat.

  6. I mixed all the flower seeds from my shed and have spread them around the garden, so fingers crossed I will have extra flowers this year. I have a mother-in-laws tongue, I just leave it to itself in the corner, it's looking good so i don't need to do anything.

  7. It looks like you've definitely got a skill for raising healthy house plants. I love that flowering cactus. I would sit looking at it too if it were in my house. Well done.

  8. Lovely tour Mum, you certainly have some lovely house plants. I have never been good with house plants but I just brought a spider one and cactus of some sorts cant remember what its called now but they don't take much water and I loved the style of them so thought I would give them a try :-) love your flowering plant at the top, love your hat to, its raining here right now but the forecast for a nice summer is on the cards so I have heard fingers crossed :-)dee xx

  9. Some lovely plants there. I was once given a MIL tongue and it flowered just once. Lovely flower. Has yours ever flowered?

    1. No, it's not - just leaves so far. I shall go and look up its flower on Tinternet.


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