Wednesday 6 February 2013

It's a breeze ...

... walking round the lake. It's only a short walk and it's sunny - a little cold maybe - we can do it.

Walk around the lake, take a look at Granny's Bay and call at the cafe for a cup of tea.

It wasn't a breeze, it was a gale! Oh my goodness - don't walk too near the edge.

Seagulls were hovering again!

And the ducks were surfing.

We were blown back round the other side of the lake.

Oh no, the cafe was closed but the bird shop was open. Identifying the birds would be a breeze for Jill but I'm afraid it wasn't for me.

This chap must have been cold!!!!

The breeze gale hadn't knocked him off his perch.



  1. It might have been breezy but it looked lovely and sunny.

  2. That looks a bit chilly...just look at the waves lapping!
    Jane x

  3. Looks a wonderful walk but not on a blustery day looking at those waves
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. That water looks choppy. I bet that walk blew the cobwebs away.

  5. Granny's Bay is one of my favourite places to sit (and eat ice lollies in the summer). I'm working on a wallhanging inspired by it too. Love it!

  6. Ah Fairhaven! I've just found your blog and will be dropping in again if that's ok.

    Barbara x


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