Friday 15 February 2013

One thing leads to another

Previously on Mum's Simply Living Blog (note the sentence about the junk shop) ...

DD has been invited to a 20s Ball and is looking for a suitable costume to wear. This dress immediately came to mind - beaded, sparkly and flapper-ish.

Hundreds of sequins and very small beads are attached to a very flimsy see through material base. There is no label in the dress and I'm not sure how old it is.

If you clicked back on the link you may have guessed that this was purchased from the JS but it wasn't a JS price - hence my avoidance of said shop for a few weeks!

Back to the Ball. I just happened to be passing the shop again this week and having decided that my curfew had ended, went for a rummage, and came out with this dressing up hat for 50p. (That's more
like it!)

Attached to the hat was this feather!!! A-ha!

One feather plus one sequinny belt, found in my ribbon box, plus one piece of wide elastic plus one handmade corsage = one feathery head-dress for a 1920's lady.

Some more items also slipped out of the shop with me. I'll tell you about those another time!



  1. The dress is beautiful, what a fab find. I bet she is thrilled with it!

  2. The head dress is fabulous, but then so is the dress. Perfect.

  3. Lovely dress,, and well done with the head dress.

  4. What a beautiful dress. How clever you are to have put everything together so well.

  5. Ohhhh! just look at that!! Is so love the 20s look and the dress and headpiece just fits that period. Looks great!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  6. The dress is lovely! The headpiece is a work of art! DD is a lucky girl!

  7. Perfect! Quite the flapper.
    I love costume parties but they seem to have gone out of vogue.
    Jane x

  8. Oh for a figure which would allow me to wear a gorgeous dress like that! I'm very envious of her. (Did she put her hair up? An Eton crop would have been all the rage in the 20s.)

  9. A truly fab dress - an excellent find indeed!
    Happy weekend,

  10. Wow as a lover of 1920's fashion I am in awe of the dress and your creation, well done, DD certaily looked the part x


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