Thursday, 14 February 2013

Straight Granny

Stash busting time (and New Year Resolution busting time) so I started a new blanket to use up some 'bobbly' yarn. It's a cotton mix and was in my donated pile. I thought I'd make a Granny straight blanket. Not sure if this is the correct term but it's not a Granny ripple as the lines of trebles are straight.

My dilemma was  - how do I start the new row without adding trebles on to the original number of trebles. Surfing the net was not giving me any clues as I didn't know what kind of Granny I was doing. I read tutorials with treble clusters and tutorials which changed colour each row but I was non the wiser. I started this blanket a few times as it began to expand the more rows I put on. Even with a mathematical brain I just couldn't work it out so ... 

I decided to try with a smaller sample. Here's my tutorial for a Straight Granny.

Work a LOOSE foundation chain for as long as you want your blanket plus 3 extra chains. (My first chain was too tight so the blanket started curving round.)

Start trebling in the 4th chain from the end and treble in each 'bobbly bit' (behind the V) for the first row.

There are now effectively 8 trebles on this first row. (The chain 3 counts as the first treble.)

At the end of the row chain 3 and turn.

Now treble in each space.

This is where I thought I was putting in an extra treble. Wrong!
As you can see I have 8 trebles on the second row. (The chain 3 counts as the first treble.)

Do exactly the same for the other rows and you can see that the number of trebles remains the same.

So simple.  I think I must have had brain fade because I just couldn't work it out when I first dived in to make this blanket. 

Now I hope I've got enough wool to complete it!



  1. The times I start something and then you just know it is not going how it should.

    So you undo it and start again, often several times with the crochet hook going for a flying lesson in one direction and the ball of wool in the other.

    But we always get there in the end, even if it is completely different to how we expected, the joys of crafting x

  2. It looks good!
    I always use a larger hook (perhaps two sizes up) for the foundation chain
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. If you'd left it and come back to it, you'd have worked it out. It's funny how our brains won't work at times, then other times it works perfectly well. It'll be a lovely blanket.

  4. IRYPT...and still can't crochet!
    Jane x

  5. Lovely white and blue yarn


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