Sunday, 9 December 2012

Mum's Advent Calendar 9, Days Left 16

The list - had to have it or I wouldn't have got anything done yesterday.

1. Finish last shepherd for the crochet Nativity set.

Sorry he's a bit blurred - must have been the sherry.

2. Polish the brass on the front door.

3. Finish the poinsettia row on the Christmas blanket.
4. Bake bread.
5. Make selection boxes bags - nearly finished
6. Finish putting up the decorations - nearly finished
7. Take a picture to put on this post.
8. Go and buy some more sherry! - hic!

I also washed the kitchen floor, took cats a walk, delivered neighbour's Christmas cards and walked to the supermarket.

There's healthy living for you! It also helps you sleep at night.


Sunday - today will be my day of rest.


  1. Wow you were busy yesterday, am intrigued by your selection bags, are you going to post about them once complete?

  2. You were busy yesterday
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. There's so much lovely knitting and crocheting around these days. It's almost tempting me to pick up needles myself. Love your shepherd! x

  4. Such industry! Guessing you slept well last night ;)

  5. Way to go! I need to add sherry to my list as well! Ha

  6. Gosh!You have been busy.I am interested that you took your cats for a walk.really???Can we see all the nativity?

    1. The cats are house cats but we take them for 'walks' in the garden. No lead but they are supervised so they don't jump over the fences. We live on a very busy main road and have had a previous cat run over.

  7. I bet it felt good crossing off all those jobs on the list. I hope you've had a good rest today.

  8. Busy bee!! I have had a Harry Potter weekend,,, forgot about my list,,,,

  9. looking forward to seeing the nativity all set up.
    Can't find the tree today.


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