Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mum's Advent Calendar 5, Days Left 20

Decorations out of the loft time. I think you could call this a collection. It's very difficult to throw any of them away.  I'm putting them up bit by bit as and when the fancy takes me.

Now what shall we have on the juke box?

Ah yes!

Lights up in the kitchen and ...

... a garland for the bannister.

Looking a little bit festive now. Off to order the tree later.


PS The Advent tree was on the right hand side of the last pic yesterday. The was only a tiny bit of it showing.

Alison, hi, get that blog started. Make it a New Year's Resolution! Not too sure of Bloggy Blanket  whereabouts at the moment. MummyHen was trying to find another contributor. MummyHen are you out there? Foster Mummy is still up for more squares. All contributors welcome. Please read the Bloggy Blanket pages and volunteer.


  1. It's starting to look a lot like Christmas at your house. My decorations are still in the loft yet. I think I've found the advent tree on this post, but still can't see it on yesterday's, I really need glasses.

  2. Our decoratios go up on the 15th this year. Hubby's birthday is on the 14th so we always decorate on the weekend closest to it...makes his birthday a bit more special.
    Jane x

  3. Hi Mum, Just letting you know I am lurking out here in Postie land,life is so hectic...but our delivery car has antlers and a red nose and tinsel on it and I have a lovely red Santa apron this year,each other year I have had an elves apron with bells on,the kids in town love it but the ones up in the bush love it more! they squeal when I pull up lol life is not all bad,just a bit too busy...bless you Mum.

  4. Love the lights, they look pretty. Is the tree in the bannister garland? Cheers Judy xx

  5. Very festive! I need to get Ian up in the loft to get our stuff down soon :)

  6. Its beginning to look a lot like where have i heard that before?! I have serious food mixer envy having seen yours on that last pic!!

  7. Hi Mum I've only managed one Tree so far but I will try and catch up, i've blogged about your great idea too xxx

  8. You have a jukebox??? Wooohoooo.

  9. HI Mum

    I think I found the tree on your banister.
    We've not started our decorations yet.
    The church you asked about is St Johns at Calder Vale. ubby has given me the directions so will e-mail you them


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