Sunday, 2 December 2012

Mum's Advent Calendar 3, Days Left 22

It's not sealed but it's out of the way. 

I own up  - I have dipped into it so I've been busy picking pockets and raiding drawers to find any loose change just to top it up.

Let's have a sort and copper up.

Lots of little piles here especially 1p pieces!

A few Euros, a trolley coin, a sequin, an old 10p and half pences and a black something or other! I daren't look too closely.

Wow - £94.84 to go towards Christmas. I shall look forward to viewing everyone else's sealed pot today to see how they have fared.

And here's the container for next year (I think).
Uncle Joe's mintballs
Keep you all aglow!

I should be able to fit a fair bit of change in there.

Thanks SFT for arranging the Sealed Pot Challenge.

Welcome new followers, good to see you - and Carol I  recognised your walk along the promenade but where was the walk in the country by the church?


  1. Well done, that's a great amount to put towards Christmas. It's amazing how coins can soon add up.

  2. I found the advent tree,,, and what will you be spending all those pennies on??

    1. I think it will just go into the 'enjoy Christmas' pot.

  3. Sealed pot-what a good idea.Sort of like a Christmas savings account.


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