Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Mum's Advent Calendar 18, Days Left 7

There was a tree in the last picture yesterday. Who's not looking hard enough? :)

Festivities last night at the music group with crackers, cake (no pic - eaten) and Christmas puzzle.

Looks like someone wanted to join in! (Caught him in the act at sherry time.)


PS Whoops, now I've got two trees in this post!


  1. Hello, just popped by today, love your blog, I find the same with my blog as you do with yours, lots of views, but very few people comment or say hello. Dont promise to say hello every time, but do promise to read each post,
    Joy xx

  2. The tree was in the last pic yesterday and the tree today is in the fourth pic but I can only see one tree......
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. I forgot to look for the tree yesterday. Found today's. Looks like you had a good party, I love those type of quizzes.

  4. The snowman looks as if he has had a swig too many at the sherry!!

  5. I too can only see one tree made by you, are you teasing us?

  6. Cheeky snowman hic.
    Yesterdays tree was hard to find but it was in the last picture. Todays mmmmmm the fourth picture and the first one - gosh that first one was hard to find.

  7. Would it be possible for you to publish the answers to that quiz? I've just found it and thought it would be really good for next Christmas...... Thank you. Sharon XX


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