Sunday 16 December 2012

Mum's Advent Calendar 16, Days Left 9

My Christmas Granny Blanket is finally finished - before Christmas! It's a zig zag in treble shells. The stripes represent different Christmas themes. In the first  picture, from the bottom up the first white stripe represents snow or snowflakes; the light green, white, light green section is mistletoe and the 3rd representation is the holly at the top. Each section is enclosed in the Christmas colours of either green, red or white.




To add a bit of seasonal interest I enclosed some granny squares of poinsettia and ...

Christmas trees!

The white and red stripes represent Father Christmas.

Father Christmas

And finally the edging is my 'holly' which is 2 rounds of dc followed by a picot edging.

Here it is altogether. The stripes were worked quite quickly but the squares took a bit longer as I was working out how to fit them into the zig zag.

Now back to my 2012 blanket which I think will now be called 12/13!


  1. Wow it is really gorgeous! So much detail
    Judy xx

  2. What a fabulous Christmas blanket! Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  3. Wow! your Christmas blanket is amazing. I like the way you have used an artists interpretation of the different aspect of christmas. Well done it's fantastic.

    Found the Christmas tree, that was clever hiding.

  4. Its gorgeous - thanks for sharing
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. Hiya, the blanket is really lovely, I have been waiting to see the finished result. You can relax now!! Alison x

  6. Its really gorgeous, you are so clever mum! I really must do more practising with my crochet.I cant follow a pattern though but I did buy a book and really ought to study it.

  7. It's beautiful. I love how so many aspects of Christmas are represented. This will become an heirloom for sure. Found the tree.

  8. That just makes me want to give up. How big is it?

  9. Makes me more determined to to start one next year!!

  10. Lovely blanket - very festive. I managed to crochet the snowflakes you had on your blog last year for the secret santa at work. They made the perfect home made present. Hope you have a lovely Christmas.


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