Thursday, 6 December 2012

Mum's Advent Calendar 6, Days Left 19

12 steps to Christmas tree decorating

You will need:

one hammer plus nails
one dining chair
one sweeping brush
one dustpan and brush
2 milk crates
one large plastic tub
one pair of scissors
one Christmas tree
one stand
Advent tree

1. Fix tree to stand and cut off netting with the scissors.

2. Put tree on large tub to gain height - too tall. Take it off large tub, walk to garage to get milk crates and repeat with crates - decide on one crate and take large tub and other crate back to garage. Adjust tree to vertical and break stand.Go to garage to find last year's stand or mend first stand. Attach stand to tree with nails. (OH leaves the room - his task is done.)

4. Untangle 5 sets of lights to find the set that was put on the tree last year. Plug in lights BEFORE PUTTING ON TREE.

5. Put on 2 sets of lights then take one set off - try again with another set that's long enough.

6. Put on the silver decorations then decide to use the gold, green and red ones instead - take off the silver decorations.
7. Decide to put flowers on the tree and walk upstairs to the loft to find them.
8. Put tinsel back in bag because you've used the flowers instead.
9. Walk upstairs to find the angel for the top of the tree.
10. Use the sweeping brush to position the angel.

11. Use sweeping brush and dustpan and brush to brush up the pine needles.
12. Take pictures of the tree in progress then walk upstairs again to find the crocheted Advent tree. Take more pictures with the Advent tree on the tree.

Throughout the above procedure listen to Christmas songs on the laptop and eat DD's chocolates.

Welcome to my new follower.


  1. Thankyou for the welcome xx (found you via Tracy, Mad About Bags)

  2. I'm exhausted just reading the instructions! Mind you, I like the chocolate eating part. :)

  3. But it was all worth it, what a lovely tree. Found the advent tree.

  4. That christmas tree was hard to find, but find I did

  5. :-)) Im chuckling away after reading that bless your heart. But i agree no better way to do it than listening to christmas songs and eating chocolates. It looks gorgeous by the way, dee xx

  6. Sitting here smiling and trying to get the picture in my mind's eye! You deserve the choccies!

  7. Oh ecks, thinking I will pass on this exhausting exercise. The same ritual every year Christmas carols bellowing out and all hands grabbing at my baubles!

    I'll just do the eating chocolate part and let the boys sort out the tree.

    Your tree does look great x

  8. Hilarious! You forgot the glass of vino.

  9. Very nice - would you like to come and do mine now........?
    Julie xxxxxxxx


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