Monday, 10 December 2012

Mum's Advent Calendar 10, Days Left 15

Selection boxes bags - make your own. I bought packs of chocolate bars from B&M and put them in ...

Other bags are just made with rectangles of fabric. With wrong sides together sew a 1/4 inch seam round 3 sides then clip the corners.

Turn inside out, pin and sew round the 3 seams again. (This French seam stops any fraying.)

Turn down the top and sew each side (where I've pinned) leaving a gap at each side end.

Thread (using a safety pin) ribbon or cord (2 lengths) through the top, first one side and then the other and then tie the ends together and hide the knot in the seam.

Using 2 ribbons means that the top can be pulled shut.

Here's the finished Selection bag, this one made from new fabric with stretchy cord pulls ...

and this one made from an old pair of glitzy (not very glitzy in the picture!) trousers and pretty ribbon.

Another advantage of making Selection bags this way means that there are always some bars left over!!! Anyone want a bite of my Aero?

PS I've answered various queries in the previous posts. Easy to see tree today.


  1. Re usable bags are such a good idea. They are a bit like the bags we used to make many years ago to carry toiletries around in. Oh and pumps. Remember pump bags. Pumps as in plimsoles, not bicycle pumps, ha ha.

  2. Much nicer than plastic packaging :)

  3. Irypt... sometimes ì can leave a comment and sometimes ì can't. Found the tree yesterday, and today.

  4. What a fab idea - a much better way of presenting selections of chocolate bars. Note to self - sort out some material NOW!
    Thank you for all your wonderfully inventive ideas - and the clear instructions on making them.
    Happy Christmas!

  5. This is a really good idea. Unfortunately I have the willpower of a mars bar and the chocolate would all be gone before they could get given away. I don't know how many selection boxes I had to replace when the boys were younger! xxxx

  6. That's a lovely idea, they look so much more exciting than a boring, mass produced selection box.

  7. What a great idea, and when all the chocolate has been eaten, you're left with a lovely bag which can be reused. Found the tree.

  8. I don't see a bag filled with vegan goodies with my name on!!
    Jane x

  9. thank you. That is a fantastic idea. You can personalise them too, I WILL be doing these next year


  10. I've wrapped some presents in fabric this year (for those who I know would appreciate it and not think "why???"). I shall remember this for next year as the bags would make nice toiletry bags.
    A corner of the left over aero would be very welcome.
    Carol xx


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