Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A Pleasant Stroll ...

... around town with my friend. First a visit to the art gallery where we viewed moving pictures of the Illuminations and a photo exhibition.

Moving upstairs we were impressed by a large picture showing a guest house conservatory.

We could just see ourselves there watching the waves splashing onto the promenade.

After a pot of tea for two at Debanebanhams we took a stroll down the pier 

and perched ourselves on a seat to view the sea while we ate our picnic lunch and listened to sixties and seventies music blaring out of the outdoor loudspeakers. We passed on the ice-cream and sauntered down to the Winter Gardens to view the refurbishments. It's not as grand as the early days but they are trying very hard to put back its splendour.

'A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk' 


  1. HA, HA, Love that last comment. More strolls please, I love the area where you live, it's so interesting!

    Sft x

  2. Lovely pictures!

    I particularly like the sign, I collect pictures of silly signs and that one is great!

  3. Your Wintergardens look so elegant after their refurbishment.

  4. Don't they look splendid? x

  5. lovely, I do envy you your close proximity to the beach :-)


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