Wednesday 31 August 2011

My experiment didn't work, I'm over-run with runner beans and cucumbers. There are 8 cucumbers here and 2 more in the fridge. Yesterday I gave away this many runner beans.

It's a good job the outdoor tomatoes are slow to get going.

This is only the second tomato harvested from outside.

The rest are flowers or still green.

The pussies are helping today.

This may help or hinder the processing of the harvest.

What's for tea? Runner beans again, dear!

Welcome to my new followers - I hope you enjoy popping in.


  1. Yes, but there's nothing like runner beans from the garden, I love them!

    And how nice it is to be able to give some away to others.

  2. Well it all looks good ,perhaps there is a book lurking out there called 101 ways to cook runner beans lol,ours are not ready yet but the peas are loaded.

  3. It all looks delicious to me and is inspiring me to think about growing some veg next year. One day I will get round to it!

  4. We are overrun with runner beans too! Today I made a big pan of garden veggie soup and most of it was runner and broad beans, but it tastes OK.

  5. I guess you might be tired of eating beans by now. :) Do you have enough freezer space to freeze some? Just a thought.
    Anne xx

  6. We're harvesting beans just about every day at the moment too. I'm freezing what we can't eat right away. Your cats are gorgeous, what silky coats.


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