Monday, 8 August 2011

Brassy bits

Grandma used to come down and clean the brass. I do it now.

Whoops, still got some marks on this one!

Bit of 'frock Sunday' creeping in there!


  1. I love that bell-push.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. I have some needs cleaning, are you free? (What do you use to clean your brass?)
    Mrs T xx

  3. Sorry, but my working days are over Mrs. T., otherwise I'd be over like a shot!

    I just use Brasso and elbow grease to clean the brass and do it (clean the brass that is) every week or grandma would not be pleased.

  4. I polished my old Granddad`s copper kettle yesterday. It brings back so many memories whenever I do this.

    Good old Brasso does the job well. I have tried using a cut lemon, as advised by a friend, but the shine was not so good.

  5. Your brass looks lovely!

    Sft x


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