Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Today I ...

... tidied kitchen,
... swept and cleaned kitchen floor,
... prepared savoury rice for tea,

... took cats a walk,
... picked veg. from the garden,

... made bread,
... did the ironing.

... sorted out things for Freegle,
... walked to Lidl-iddle,
... called at the Charity shop to say hello and received a bottle of homemade blackberry and raspberry wine as a thank you for the swede and cucumbers I took one of my co-workers,
... went to the tip - in the pouring rain - with 'stuff' from the garage, (in the process of de-cluttering!)
... called in to say hello to some friends,
... concocted stuffed overgrown courgette bake!

... kneaded and shaped the bread for the second rise,
... knitted a bit, (started a new project for a Christmas present)
... had tea,
... baked bread,
... watched the headlines,
... had a bath,
... watched daughter and boyfriend attack the remains of the courgette surprise and bread,

... came upstairs to blog, read blogs, listen to the radio, crochet and knit.
I think I've remembered everything!
Will go downstairs later to watch TV and sample wine.


  1. Gulp! That was a busy day! I trust you slept well?!

    Sandie xx

  2. Have just come to your lovely blog via Dreaming of a Simple life and i love it! simple, unpretentious and interesting with fab photos. Which charity do you work for? im a volunteer with Oxfam and really love it, ive just started my blog so a bit new but blogs like your s keep me inspired,thanks! Justinex

  3. My what a busy day - what are you going to do tomorrow?
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. WOW, that's one busy day! :)
    Anne xx

  5. Heavens you sound exceptionally busy! I bet you felt like you had achieved something though!

    Lesley x

  6. Hello Mum! I'm so glad to have visited. What a lovely

  7. Wow ... I don't know how you found time to breathe! M x


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