Saturday, 27 August 2011

It's the Big One

Carrots are doing well. (I know that's a leek in front.) Our carrots are covered to protect them from the dreaded carrot root fly.

Wh - hey!

12 inches and counting!

3 feet long from top to toe!

Ain't growing fun. What a big one!

The Big One


  1. Big one or not ... it ain enticing me, I have always been just too much of a scardy cat to go on those kinda rides.
    Carrots look good .... could be enticed by a carrot!

    Vicky x

  2. Lovely big carrot, I've had some whoppas too this year, it must be a good year for them, it's been a bad year for peas though, I've had hardley any. (I did plant some....honest!!)

    I love that teapot on yesterdays post.

    Sue xx

  3. aawww its great to see photo's of peoples vegetables doing so well ;-)) That is a great looking carrot. dee xx


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