Sunday, 28 August 2011

What a waste!

It's not really. Eating the garden produces lots of peelings. Along with fruit leftovers and cardboard the colander is full everyday.

We've eaten most of the good stuff.

I love beetroot. Don't turn round when you've been to the loo, though! You'll think you need to go to the doctor's.

Other 'good stuff' from the colander goes on the compost to rot down and begin the growing cycle again when it's spread on the garden.

We've got thousands of little flies in the compost bins this year. It's advisable to keep mouths closed when opening the lid.

Waste not, want not. Lovely food, lovely soil.


  1. No veggie waste here Mum either .... chooks eat it or it goes in the compost bin .... lol at the pink pee which is rather worrying the first time you spot it! Hate those bliddy flies too. x

  2. That salad looks yummy and so does the beetroot. I hate those little flys. I recycle my food waste to, its good to feel your doing your bit for the enviroment. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dee xx

  3. oh that is alot of flies, but think of the end product x

  4. Your salad looks lovely. Your compost bin looks just like mine, millions of fruit flies. Youngest daughter wont empty anything into the compost bin this time of the year because of the flies.

  5. Recycling at its best! Nothing goes to waste here. Most of the peelings and scraps put on the compost heap end up as supper for our local fox family, or for the garden mice and birds.


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