Sunday, 7 August 2011

Collections - 30s bits and bobs

Our bedroom suite cost £20 at auction.
The suite was bought at auction and was recovered.
We've had this dressing table set for years. It was one of our first buys for our 30s house.
The pink sundae dishes were my mum's.
I always liked the green though. I feel another collection coming on. I wonder if there is another colour?
I know the Babycham glasses are a later date. I don't think the vase is though. That was my mum's too.  
We loved the shape of the radio - and the piano.
Brilliant shape to this vase.


  1. Lovely collections, I the fact that they're all 1930s items. I particularly like the radio and the suite.

  2. Lovely collection, envious with the chair!
    My husband says the radio is a Kolster Brandes "Toaster" FB10 but we hate to say this it is circa 1950's!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Thanks Julie and Julie's husband. 50s or 30s we liked its shape. Most of our stuff is second hand - auction, car boot, charity shop or junk shop. We've also picked up a few items from the tip, too, when they were not so regimented!

  4. Lovely collection Mum .... I've been picking up some 1930s glass myself today ... especially love the green x

  5. Oooh, Mum, I love your things! Furniture and fripperies from that era seem so comforting and familiar to me. They make me think of going to my nan's and having Jimmy Clithero on the wireless! I saw a blue glass vase today in a charity shop that had the same sort of base as your green glass. I wish I had bought it now!
    Lovely stuff, mrs!

  6. Loving the last vase and that radio all lovely things tho/

  7. You are a lady of wonderful taste Mum, I love it all!
    Mrs T xx

  8. Yes, I love the Art Deco too, reminds me of Hercule Poriot!

    Sft x


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